Wild Oregon

Near Grants Pass

Driving from Portland to the Southern Oregon border I realize again the unbridled beauty contained in this state. Even sticking to the I-5 on a mad dash to get somewhere fast (but going the speed limit) I’m reminded how wild and tangled huge expanses of this great state can be. I mean there are still whole regions remote enough for the Sasquatch to remain hidden in for all this time – I drove through some of that country with signs reminding me I was in Sasquatch Country.

There’s something profoundly thrilling about gazing over untended fields of wildflowers and witnessing nature’s landscaping techniques. There’s still defined borders – field turns into shrubs turns into wooded landscapes turns into hills and mountains turns into sky (which is usually an interesting palette in Oregon). I like seeing nature as it has always been, uninterrupted by the hand of humanity for as far as I can see.

When I recently took a road trip across the U.S. I realized every state had their own pristine wonderlands which could make me burst into the remembered verses of America the Beautiful on occasion – and its not always the parks or preserved sites. No, the areas I point to are unmarred by markers or even visible trails. I can gaze over them and imagine what life was like here thousands of years ago – even while I’m cruising by at 65-miles-an-hour.

Please, may these always remain…


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