Hawthorne District & Laurelhurst Park

People have been adding text to the stop signs in Portland

Spent a day with my photographer friend Tom who lives in SE Portland. It was his Birthday and we were originally planning to go to The Japanese Gardens but time got away with us and we decided to have lunch and explore the area and take pictures. It took us a while to pick the right restaurant but decided on Bread and Ink Cafe in the Hawthorne District. Liked the food and the atmosphere plus everyone’s friendly. I got a BBQ sandwich and Tom got their hamburger. Good fries and salad too.

After lunch, walking back to the car, I noticed a couple yards that had added creative touches. It’s fun driving or walking around Portland just to look at yards sometimes.

Mosaic wall with antique door knobs

Ceiling light globes all in a row









Next we decided to head over to Laurelhurst Park.  It’s a huge park – had paved paths with multiple levels located over by 39th and Stark. The land was originally part of an estate purchased in 1909. It eventually became named the most beautiful park on the west coast by the Pacific Coast Parks Association.

The place was obviously a favorite hang out with people strolling, jogging, skateboarding, reading, watching the ducks on the pond, throwing Frisbee, playing with children.  I was taking pictures and marveling at the multitude of things available to do here. There’s many play areas.

Sculpture and walking paths

The park’s beautifully landscaped with exotic plants (many labeled) plus there were several ponds of an emerald color filled with ducks, fish and frogs.

Enjoying the pond










One of my passions is macro photography and I especially like to capture the unique beauty that each flower possesses. When a photo is enlarged there are parts of the flower not visible to the naked eye that suddenly appear as if by magic. There’s a wonderland in most flowers that goes unobserved except on the most superficial level.

After leaving the park we enjoyed the neighborhood. I noticed many people plant vegetable gardens in their front yards mixed in with shrubs and flowers. I do the same thing and like this trend toward urban farming. It makes sense and tastes good too.

A few of the houses I liked

Happy Birthday Tom. Had a great time together today.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tom
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 06:58:37

    You definitely stroll down the sunny side of the street Lorita. Eventually when all my film is developed I’ll have to to post my slightly darker veiw of the same trip.


  2. jadednesses
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 10:34:16

    Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up
    the good effort.


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