Astoria to Ecola State Park ~ Oregon Coast

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My 28-year-old son had lived in Oregon for three years and never ventured to the Oregon Coast. Well, not since he was a year old. I’m a born and raised Oregonian but when I graduated from high school I left to travel and didn’t return until many years later when my son was a year old. We lived in Portland for four years and then I left for Los Angeles to finish college and didn’t return for more than 20 years. The Oregon I came home to had changed – I loved it even more.

Some of my friends that have stayed here all that time are a little more skeptical about Oregon’s changes, if they’re for the good. But I’m seeing it all with new eyes. Plus, I’ve been a lot of places. Seen a lot of things – good and bad.

I soon discovered my new found love of Oregon was so powerful I had to express it, share it, promote it – thus this blog and a Facebook travel page called Go Oregon Now and a Twitter account where I follow and tweet only about Oregon. I like to say, “I have my fingers on the pulse of Oregon.”

A few weekends ago I convinced my son and my mom to visit the Oregon Coast. We headed to Astoria because there were a couple of waterfalls along the way and my son loves waterfalls. That was the motivation, the carrot I dangled, to get him to go. I don’t think he knew he would love it so much, but he did.

I hope you enjoy the slide show of our journey.  We went from sun in Astoria to fog in Seaside.  But I think you’ll agree each carries it’s own special charm. There’s so much to see and experience along the coast when you travel in Oregon.


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